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SBA Loan Default Podcast

Jan 23, 2023

Please visit Distressed Loan Advisors or EIDL Loan Advisors to learn more about our 90-minute premium course and 1-on-1 case evaluations.

This free course answers the following questions...

Are EIDL loans forgivable? (4 mins, 23 seconds)

What is the process of applying for an EIDL hardship deferment? (3 mins, 39 seconds)

Can I go to jail if I don’t repay my SBA EIDL loan? (2 mins, 37 seconds)

Will the SBA force my business to close? (4 mins, 18 seconds)

What collateral did I pledge? (4 mins, 52 seconds)

The 90-minute Premium EIDL Audio Course includes:

- Free email support from founder and SBA default expert Jason Milleisen.

- 36-page PDF Supplement.

- Answers to the questions below...

What is a Personal Guarantee, did I grant a personal guarantee, and what are the implications? (30 mins, 52 seconds)

Is Bankruptcy an option? (5 mins, 23 seconds)

Can I sell my business if I have an SBA EIDL loan? (4 mins, 2 seconds)

Will SBA restructure my loan? (2 mins, 20 seconds)

Can I pay down my EIDL to less than $200K to void the personal guarantee? (1 min, 43)

Should I close my business? (4 mins, 27 seconds)

Should I focus on my regular SBA loan or my SBA EIDL loan? (2 mins, 4 seconds)

What are steps if my business closes but no personally guarantee? (2 mins, 49 seconds)

Can I sell my business and transfer the EIDL loan or personal guarantee? (3 mins, 3 sec)

Can I settle my EIDL loan if I offer them cash today? (2 mins, 45 seconds)

Will an EIDL loan be on my personal credit? (2 mins, 46 seconds)

Are there any benefits to selling my business? (3 mins, 8 seconds)

What if I get a 1099 from the SBA? (2 mins, 32 seconds)

What if I didn’t take the EIDL through a separate legal entity? (1 minute)

What happens if my loan is referred to the US Treasury Department? (4 mins, 45 seconds)

BONUS: Exactly what Jason would do if he had a personally guaranteed EIDL loan that I could not afford to repay. (5 mins, 35 seconds)